Elite Pioneers Co. for Trading and Agriculture located in Al Khalrj  province, Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the Largest Fresh Table Eggs Producers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC region. Our Farm has Modern System of Farming philosophy with the latest European/ Italian technology to ensure efficiency, quality control and rapid delivery of fresh Table eggs to our regular customers in KSA, GCC, and other countries. the production capacity reached to 170 million egg annually. Our Feed Mill produce different types of finished feeds for poultry layer, broiler and feed for large & small animals, according to international Standards free form animal protein or fat, the feed Mill produce upto 30 tons finished feed per hour.

Khaled H. Al Homody & Son’s Co. for Trading and Agriculture has been developed with its utilities in two parts the agricultural and the manufacturing, the project consist on area of more than million square meters, the development includes water, electricity and roads network. Also producing Fresh dates. Khaled H. Al Homody & Sons Co. is an exclusive agent to Facco SPA – Italy for executing the projects in KSA & GCC. 

Al Khaled Quality Eggs

Our hens are fed by 100% wholesome, natural, vegetarian feed, (i.e Soya, yellow Corn & Vitamins) free from antibiotics, hormones and any animal products, or other feed additive. Which reflect the egg taste and quality itself. Eggs get graded and packed automatically in just few hours since it is laid and then delivered Freshly to outlets/partners in less than 48 hours from production time. processes are performed by using fully automated advanced technology imported from Europe, which ensure clean and hygienic production of Fresh eggs.

Khaled H. Al Homody & Son’s Co. for Trading and Agriculture is among the biggest egg producer in the Central  province of Saudi Arabia and one of the top producers across the GCC. Our aim is to provide the consumers with the best quality fresh and hygienic table eggs using latest technology.

Being totally quality control devoted farm, regular inspection of both hygiene and animal welfare kept checked by independent Veterinarian and Experts. there is a capacity 1 million birds for layer houses. 

Quality Certificates:

  • Certified by Ministry of Agriculture and Province Directorate
  • Certified by Gulf Standards and quality
  • Certified by SASO
  • Certified for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.


Our main distribution points are located around the Kingdom and UAE, ( Dubai, Riyadh , Dammam, and Jeddah) and partners all over the GCC and International Market. 

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